How The Shush Improves Your Lifestyle
October 9, 2018
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How The Shush Works

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Introducing The Shush System. It’s the first innovative window sound blocking system designed by Maven. Not only can it block outside noises, but can retain inside heat in winter and keep you cool in summer. All by retaining the same aesthetics of your existing windows.

maven windowWhat is it?
The Shush Soundproofing System is a unique engineered sash with a vibration absorbing membrane. This membrane allows a perfect seal and can slide into your existing window frame. Same design, same colour same aesthetics.

What can it do?
The Shush Soundproofing System is the latest in advanced sound blocking technology. Your window is not only double glazed to block out sound, but with the sealing membrane surrounding sash it will block out all drafts and noise penetration points. With the added benefit of it being easy to install, remove, and clean.

Why use The Shush?
The Shush Soundproofing System is great for blocking out heavy outside traffic noise, retaining your homes warmer in winter, cooler in summer, with significant savings on your energy bills each year. With the easy to use The Shush you will be asking yourself, “Why don’t I have Maven Soundproofing?”

The Maven Soundproofing System is the leading retrofit system designed and engineered for soundproofing performance.


Manufactured exclusively by Maven


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We all know a little bit about how noise behaves: The nearer the source of sound, the louder the sound. The degree of loudness decreases as the distance of the source increases. Moving away from the source of noise is one good way of getting rid of noise.

Another way is to put a barrier between the source of noise and yourself. When your neighbour’s dog starts howling and growling, you shut the door and the windows to keep the unwholesome sound out. Of course, hiding behind a thick concrete wall works better.

The Shush Noise Proofing Solutions by MAVENTM observe these principles. In addition, the Shush employs such scientific techniques of dampening, absorption, and decoupling.


During the manufacture of The Shush Noise Proofing Solutions materials, a dampening compound is applied between the sound barrier materials to render the materials to become dead panels that do not vibrate, thereby minimising sound from passing through.


Absorption of sound is performed in The Shush Noise Proofing Solutions, by designing our system to neutralise the frequency between the first and second layers of materials. This is achieved with the absorbortion of sound waves by the mass of the material and knowing its weakest point, referred to as coincidence dip.  The coincidence dip is dependent on the material’s stiffness and thickness and occurs at the point where the sound transmitted through the window matches the natural frequency of the glass.


During the installation of the double glazed window by MAVENTM, a perimeter dampening seal is applied between the noise barrier materials to avoid direct contact between the window and the frame, thereby breaking the direct path for noise to pass through.

How The Shush Soundproofing Solutions Suppresses Noise

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How The Shush Soundproofing window Works

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