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October 9, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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The Shush soundproofing solutions has the technology that has helped scores of Melbourne homeowners bring down to a comfortable and inconspicuous level this kind of noise that had bothered them for years.

“I live on the intersection of two extremely busy roads,“ Dr. Michelle Roberts of Malvern, Victoria 3144, wrote to us: “ Prior to the installation of Maven, I would be awake every night listening to the roaring of traffic. It was almost impossible to sleep as I could hear every single car that went past. Since the installation of Maven, I now have no problems sleeping as the noise is reduced by over 70%.”

Liz & Paul Hackett of South Ya rra had a similar nightmarish experience with noise. They wrote:

“After years of putting up with the noise from a hockey field below our bedroom window in the inner city and a window that let in cold and heat at the wrong times of year, I called Double Glazed Melbourne for advice. They were professional and advised on the best solution for our noise and thermal issues. We now have a refuge from the city outside, a lovely quiet, peaceful place for lazy Sunday mornings without the thwacking of hockey pucks disturbing us!”

Dr. Danny Raiz and his wife of Fitzroy fell in love with a “grand Victorian warehouse” and bought it, imagining enchanting and romantic evenings together. Disappointment greeted them on their first night:

“On this night we felt as if the street life had entered our boudoir. And on this night amidst the crashing bottles, we learnt that the timbre of each brand of bottle had its own peculiar resonating crashing and shattering sound against the masonry or the cobbles and jams of the doors that surround our home. And on this night we learned more swear words than my wife of many winters and I care to remember.”

The couple desperately wanted to keep the house and “return it to its former glory”. They sought the help of The Shush Soundproofing Solutions:

“To return my house to its former glory and be considerate of its heritage values was paramount. But I wanted also to provide an apt and sensible solution. Enter our knight in a gleaming white van. Darren from Maven carefully planned and attacked this problem with vigour and his service encompassed a satiating approach. He used sound recording devices to provide a scientific basis for his recommendations and used laminated glass solutions with argon filled inserts to resolve our dilemma. This was superimposed on complete window solution, including sash, handles, sills and frames to return our faith in our home.”

“I recall walking into the home for the first time and walking into the bedroom and was confronted by an eerie silence. I was tired on this night and dreaded the assault I was about to be exposed too. I had no choice. All I could remember was this sense of impending doom. The silence though was deafening. I became disorientated and realised I was not longer in my home, I no longer lived amongst the people of the street. I seemed to be in my own kingdom now leagues away from the shores that would beleaguer me. I was finally home and I only have Darren and the Maven team to thank for this. Without realising it I slept as I have never slept before.”


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