Soundproofing Your Home
October 9, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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How the Shush noiseproof window works

soundproof window diagram

Below is a diagram of the sound way effect on your windows

and how a secondary window reduces sound waves

Single glazed window

sound illustration

Shush Noiseproof Window

soundproof illustration

Our Shush Noiseproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with a standard double glazed installation or replacement windows.

Please – read on to learn more about noise proofing your home!

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How Maven’s Noiseproof windows work to reduce noise

The windows are the major noise problem in over 90% of the cases. As an analogy: You turn on a radio very low. Now take another radio and turn it up full blast. Which radio do you hear? Well, the noisy one is your windows and the quiet one is the walls. Only until you turn down your window’s volume, will it be possible to hear the walls.

The noise problems are seldom the walls, but are always the windows. Only in extreme noise environments or very poor construction situations do the walls and ceilings require any special noise abatement treatments.

In a double glazed window, the two pieces of glass are coupled within the same frame and vibrate together – like the two tynes of a tuning fork. The air space does very little to retard the vibrations. The glass is usually rather thin. The insulation values in double pane windows are much better than single pane windows. Also, glass has certain sound frequencies that harmonize with the glass. This makes the noise at that frequency nearly “invisible” to the glass, and the noise rushes through. This is the ‘sweet spot’ of the various thicknesses of glass.

soundproof window diagram

Why our windows work to reduce noise

First, we use an engineered sound reduction laminated glass. The inner PVB layer of plastic stops vibrations – like a finger on a tuning fork that also stops the ‘sweet spots’ referred to above.Secondly, there is an air space between the two windows (the existing window and the new noiseproof window). When manufacturing our sashes we install an isolating membrane, this stops the transfer of noise through the framework. A wine glass will ring when struck, but if you hold it firmly there is no ring. This is similar to how our frame squeezes our glass panels to keep them quiet and reduce noise.

Project flexibility

We offer many flexible solutions to solve noise problems. Our low profile secondary windows are designed to stop noise and air infiltration, and improve the insulation values of the primary windows. Energy savings will pay for these windows quickly. Most of our windows can be removed, and come in many configurations. There is no need to replace the existing windows or change your designs to use a different primary window. You can simultaneously noiseproof and add insulation with the Maven Shush System.

The Shush Noiseproofing System does significantly MORE for significantly LESS cost