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How the Shush noiseproof window works
October 9, 2018
The Challenges For Homeowners When selecting the Right Double Glazing for Noise Proofing of Heritage Windows
July 7, 2019
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Maven Thermal Products

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Our specially designed Double Glaze fits all your existing windows & doors, a great way to keep your home warm as toast in winter!

MAVEN Thermal Shield:

  • Reduces over 70% of heat loss in the home
  • Reduces your annual power bill
  • Raises comfort levels
  • Fits within your existing doors & windows
  • More affordable than you think!

A high performance Retrofit secondary glazing system, the MAVEN Thermal Shield Series is the proven system that eliminates drafts and energy loss through windows and doors. Easy to operate, it is designed and engineered for high performance.

thermal windows

It may be installed low profile and removable, or medium profile and operable.

thermal retrofit window

MAVEN Energy Shield Series

Also proven efficient in addressing problems concerning drafts and energy loss with double hung windows, this high performance Low E series is easy to install and operate. It may be installed low profile and removable, or medium profile and operable.

MAVEN Draft Proofing Weather Seal

Draft proofing your windows and doors is the necessary first step to improving the thermal performance of your home. A home that is vulnerable to draft is uncomfortable to live in – extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. To control the temperature inside the home entails huge expense in energy.

The MAVEN Draft Proofing Series offers one of the cheapest and efficient ways in solving the problem of draft and can save you as much as 20-40% in energy cost.

Timber and aluminum windows and doors require a tough weather seal that performs exceptionally well beyond any long-term performance guarantee. For MAVEN Draft Proofing Solutions we use only Schlegel Olon weather seals that maintain their exceptional performance in any climatic condition, does not shrink, stretch, or go out of shape. Come rain, come sun, the MAVEN Draft Proofing Series Weather Seal, the Ultimate Weather Seal, endures!

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Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how Maven’s Thermal Shield windows can work for you to keep your home comfortable all year round.